Lin Li
Associate Professor

Ph. D., Planetary Geology, Brown University, 2002.
M. Sc., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Brown University, 2001.
M. Sc., Geoscience Remote Sensing, Institute of Remote Sensing Application, Chinese Academy of Sciences, P. R. China, 1989.
B. Sc., Geological Sciences, College of Geological Sciences, Jilin University, P. R. China,1986.
Research Area:
Lunar and planetary geology, environmental remote sensing and global climate change.

Phone:317-274-0225; E-mail:ll3@iupui.edu
For more information visit: Prof. Lin Li

Research Staff

Kaishan Song
Reaserch Scientist

Ph.D., Northeast Institute of Geography and Agricultural Ecology, CAS, 2005
M.Sc., Northeast Normal University, China, 2002
B.Sc., Northeast Normal University,China, 1999
Research Area:
Soil moisture and snow parameters estimation with optical and microwave remote sensing data.
Inland water quality mornitoring through remote sensing data acquired with various platforms.
Vegetation bio-physicochemical parameters inversion with hypserspectral remote sensing data.
Evapotranspiration (ET) estimation with remote sensing data at regional or catchments scale
Phone:317-698-7388; E-mail:kaissong@iupui.edu
For more information: Dr. Song's CV

Graduate Students

Tingting Zhang
Visiting Ph.D. Student (2008-2010)

Ph.D., Jilin University, China, 2010
M.S., Jilin University, China, 2007
B.S., Jilin University, China, 2004

Research Interests:

Soil remote sensing


Shuai Li

M.Sc., IUPUI, 2011 (expected)
M.Sc., Institute of Remote Sensing Applications Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2009
B.Sc., Nanjing University, China, 2007

Research Interests:

Planetary remote sensing and lunar geology.

E-mail: shuali@imail.iu.edu

Linhai Li

M.Sc., IUPUI, 2011 (expected)
B.Sc., Wuhan University, 2009

Research Interests:

Remote sensing of water quality, optical properties of water bodies and bio-optical modelling.

E-mail: ll8@iupui.edu


Zuchuan Li

M.Sc., IUPUI, 2012 (expected)
M.Sc., Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2010
B.Sc., Wuhan University, 2006

Research Interests:
Remote sensing of water quality.

E-mail: zuchuanli@gmail.com
Kun Shi
Visiting Ph.D. Student (2010-2012)

Ph.D., Nanjing Normal Uuniversity, China, 2013 (expected)
B.Sc., Anhui Normal University, China, 2007

Research Interests:
Bio-optical and empirical modeling of hyperspectral remote sensing data for improved mapping of water quality parameters.


Dawei Liu

M.Sc., IUPUI, 2012 (expected)
B.Sc., Jilin University, China, 2009

Research Interests:

Planetary geology and remote sensing applications.

Ying Sun

M.S., IUPUI, 2012 (expected)
B.S., Jilin University, China, 2008

Research Interests:
Planetary geology and remote sensing applications.


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