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Journal Articles

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Full Papers in Conference Proceedings

22. Song, K., D. Liu, L. Li, Z. Wang, Y. Wang, G.Jiang, Spectral Absorption Properties of Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) and Total Suspended Matter (TSM) of Inland Waters, Proc. of SPIE, San Diego, Aug. 1-5, 2010.

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Book Chapters

39. Li, L., Applied IHS transformation to SPOT imagery for extracting gold-bearing geological alteration (Chinese), in Proceedings of Methodologies and Operations of Geological Remote Sensing in Mineral Exploration, edited by Guo et al., Science Press, Beijing, pp. 29-36, 1995.

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Technical Report

1.   Li, L., D. L. Pascual, L. P. Tedesco, K. L. Randolph, R. E. Sengpiel, B. E. Hall, J. S. Wilson, Developing a survey tool for the rapid assessment of blue-green algae in central Indiana¡¯s reservoirs, CEES Publication, 2006-01, Indianapolis, IN, 55 p.


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